Every year some 300 drug-users die from overdoses in Denmark. That is
one of the highest numbers per citizen in Europe. We know from experience in other
countries that injection-rooms and first-aid at a street level can save lives, remove used
needles from the streets and enable better health and more dignity for a group of very
marginalised citizens, that today are remanded to shade in stairwells and back alleys to get
their fixes.


Establishing of the mobile injection room and first aid service is a private initiative. As it is the case in
other countries with similar initiatives, that today hold a total of 92 publically supported drug-user
facilities, it was a private initiative that started it all. FORENINGEN FIXERUM is a volunteer,
independent private organisation.


• We will establish a mobile first-aid unit for the drug users of Vesterbro, in the form of a
remodeled former ambulance, staffed by volunteer healthcare workers.
• Offer the drug-users chance to inject their drugs in the hygienic comfort of the new
mobile injection-room. In case of overdose there will be staff on hand to notify an
ambulance and provide first-aid until it arrives.
• Provide first-aid to the users that are currently injecting in public.
• Ensure that used needles are safely gathered by the mobile unit.
• In case the authorities do not allow drugs to be injected inside the mobile unit we will
continue to drive out to the hangouts of drug-users that are using public areas to fix. By
being present we can help save lives and improve overall safety.
• We will continue the work to save lives and dignity until there is a permanent drug-using
facility in Vesterbro


• A organization of volunteers with a board: Kasper Iversen, medical doctor; Frank Hvam,
comedian and actor; Ole Hoff-Lund, journalist and public relations officer; Emil Kjørboe, lawyer
and employee of Gadejuristen (Streetlawyers); Mads Kulmbak Hansen, fundraiser and Michael
Lodberg Olsen, social entrepreneur.
• In addition a network of over 55 volunteers

In addition to our own repurposed ambulance, FALCK has donated a used ambulance to the project.
Samvirkende Menighedsplejere conducts the business side. Doctor Kaser Iversen conduct first aid
courses specifically for working with drug-users for the volunteers of the project in cooperation with
Hvidovre Hospital. The Danish Health Board has stressed that doctors and nurses are allowed to work
at a drug-usage site, without legal ramifications. According to our lawyers, there is nothing in Danish or
international law to prevent the establishment of a drug-user room.

For further information, you may contact Chairman Michael Lodberg Olsen on cell
+ 45 2585 2485 – or email

Regards, FORENINGEN FIXERUM – Mobile injectionroom + First-aid. |


The Copenhagen Post online: "Injection rooms save lives"